Time Table Management System

Create and manage complex timetables online

teachers creating timetable on EduCloud school ERP

Sit back and relax, let EduCloud create automatic timetable for you with buil-in teacher, student and infrasturcture conflict detection

EduCloud is the best online timetable software and online schedule builder for your institute.
create a timetable on EduCloud

Creating timetables gets easier with online timetable system

Just drag and drop your subject in your desired time slot.
Reschedule timetables just as easily.
Never miss lectures with real-time updates and access to students.
Create complex timetables with ease.
teaching resource management on EduCloud

Timetable system with Resource Management

Create TimeTable based on Class / Teachers / Subjects / Infrastructures
Know which Teacher is available
Know workload of every Teacher
As easy as copying and pasting
Know all holidays while creating timetables
manage timetable

Create, manage online Timetables and schedules with ease

Manage teacher proxies on the go with AI-based proxy management
Approve / Reject Timetable cancellation request by Teachers
Automatic Workload creation
Share Timetable with students and parents in real-time
AI timetable conflict detection in EduCloud

AI-based automatic conflict detection with EduCloud timetable management system

Automatic Conflict detetcion, allow or Deny conflicts:
Teacher conflicts detection.
Student conflicts detection.
Resource and infrastructure conflicts detection.
teacher booking resource and infrastructure on EduCloud

Advanced Resource and Infrastructure Booking with timetables

Never miss on booking your required resource with our resource booking feature.
Book and manage classrooms and laboratories.
Book equipment, sports facilities like basketball court, swimming pool, etc in advance.
Book prayer halls, meeting, assembly rooms, and conference rooms.
Automatic conflict management in resource booking.
Create and Manage online timetables and schedules like a pro!