Communication with EduCloud

With advanced features of photo sharing, groups, events and announcement experience smart & efficient communication.

teachers and students communicating with each other
sending announcements on EduCloud school ERP


Say goodbye to paper-based school diaries for regular updates, announcements, circulars, news, notices, urgent messages, and greetings.

Adopt a digital communication process to save paper, effort, time, and money. Make the most of

Mobile notifications
creating events on EduCloud


Simple and intuitive Events Dashboard.

Create and publish events with ease.

Plan events for the entire year with an interactive calendar.

Select the right event audience, group, agenda, and location with the click of a button.

Communication in Mobile App

Leverage mobile communication with events, announcements, emails, timely notifications to teachers, students, and parents.

sending announcements on school ERP creating events on EduCloud
creating custom communication channels

Communication Channel

Set custom communication channels in your institute. Let your stakeholders communicate with each other seamlessly within the communication channels.

creating groups on EduCloud


Create and manage custom groups.
Create sports, cultural, parent-teacher groups, or any group as you wish.
Create and manage sports, cultural, parent-teacher groups.
Create groups with Teachers, Students, and Parents.
Share, communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently.
Ready to take your school communication to the next level?