School Management System

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eduCloud School Management System and School ERP

A School Management Software is a system designed to help schools, educational institutes to do all their activities using software. In this digital age where everything is done online using software, a robust School Management System like EduCloud can help the institute to execute all their academic and management activities digitally.

A School Management System acts like a central system where the users carry out all of their activities. An ideal School Management Software should have features that can be used by Teachers, Students, Parents and Principals etc. School Management System is often referred to as School Management Software and School ERP System.

An ideal School ERP System should have rich features such as online classes, attendance management, assignment management, exams with results, online exams, admissions, student profile, fees management, transport management, class management and communication. Any School Management System is incomplete without these core features. Any school or educational institute should look for these features in a School Management Software, then they should think about choosing such School ERP.

Why to use a School Management System

An educational institute can reap a number of benefits from using a top class School Management Software such as EduCloud. By adopting an end-to-end School Management an educational institute can improve their efficiency. Elimination of manual tasks such as attendance taking on paper, attendance data entry, manual fee collection, sending individual emails to parents, giving homework and assignments on paper, taking quiz and small tests on paper, processing marks for reports, admission processing etc will ensure that the teachers and admins save time on useless manual work and can focus on other work.

Principals and other management can have a centralized location where they can monitor and analyze attendance, exam results, teacher performance, student performance, assignment and fees collected. A complete School ERP can ensure that an institute has robust and efficient processes. By adopting a School management system, the top management can get detailed analytics which can help them in their decision making process and thereby they can make optimum decisions. An institute can reduce overuse of resources with the help of a school management software. A school ERP system can ensure optimum utilization of resources in an institute.

EduCloud School ERP app

Benefits of EduCloud School Management Software


Teach virtually, share learning material, take attendance, exams, assignments, and much more.


Access E-Learning material, stay up to date with prompt notifications.


Stay up to date with your child’s progress, institute notifications.


Excellent academics and admin management with detailed analytics.

EduCloud School Management System Features

Time Tables
Create Timetable
Copy Timetable
AI based Conflict detection
Proxy management
Teaching hours management
Class Management
Class Creation
Manage Teachers
Leave management
Subject Management
Teacher Information and documents
Student Life Cycle
Student information management
Parent and Guardian information
Student ID card management
Student Performance Analytics
Student Documents and photo management
Attendance Management
Class, Subject attendance
AI based attendance reports
Attendance reminders
AI based attendance analytics
Missed lecture notification
Assignment Management
Online assignment submission
All file formats supported
Submission reminders
Assignment evaluation
Assignment discussions
Academic Management
Monthly planner
Detailed analytics and reports
Lesson planning
Live lectures
Google meet and Zoom integration
Bulk emails
Online, Practice Exams
Formative Assessments
Question Bank
AI based result analysis
Result publishing
Report card and certificates
Report card creation
Sports certificates
Degree certificates
QR code document verification
Bonafide, Leaving certificate
Fees Management
Online Fee payment
Payment Gateway integration
Late fees reminders
Installments and Fee discounts
Detailed Fee Reports and analytics
Content Management
Youtube videos, PDFs
Web references
Centralized content management
Learning content management
Private videos
Admission and Enquiry
Student enquiry CRM
Custom enquiry, admission form
Interview scheduling
Form fees collection
Detailed admission reports
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