College Attendance Management System

Solve your everyday student attendance problems with real-time paperless attendance tracking and college attendance management software.

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How EduCloud Student Attendance System can help you

Save your precious time by using our Out of the box AI based analytics. Have an efficient and transparent school attendance system. Take right decisions with perfect insights with our best in class college attendance system.
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Take attendance on the school ERP system

Mark Attendance

Use our College Attendance Management system to take attendance quickly

Intuitive and user friendly interface for taking Attendance.
Take Attendance with or without Internet.
Real-time Notifications.

Mark attendance on the go!

Available across your devices. Use your smartphone to add attendance in an instant, even without the internet! Make the most of School Attendance System with our Android and iOS apps for teachers.
With our AI-based College Attendance System, get detailed analytics on our app for teachers and parents.

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EduCloud attendance analysis

Student Attendance Summary

Forget paper & excel sheets to generate attendance summary and reports. Have hassle free data and insights presented to you at the click of a button.
Have a variety of graphs, data sorting & data summary options to get smart decision- making data at your fingertips.

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Track Attendance with our college attendance system

Smart calendar view which shows Absent count.
Simple way of managing Attendance in calendar.
Dynamic mapping of Timetable with Attendance.
Send absent notification to parents.
Auto notification mails.


Use our AI-based College Attendance System Analytics report to accurate reports for accurate decision making. Get Yearly Reports, Monthly Reports, Class Average Report, Student Attendance Reports at the click of a button.

Get answers to vital questions such as:
Which Students who have below 70% Attendance?
Which Subject students bunk the most?
Which division has very less attendance today?
Which Teachers have pending attendance?
Which Subject students like the most?
And much more...
EduCloud attendance AI analytics

EduCloud College Attendance Management System Features

Take Class Attendance on web and apps
Take Subject Attendance on web and apps
Easy to use and implement
Take offline Attendance on app
Send absent notification to parents
Cloud based secure storage
Detailed Attendance Reports
Export attendance data
Manage late comers and half days
Experience more than just statistics.
Gain AI based insights from your attendance metrics.