Enquiry CRM

An end-to-end enquiry and lead management system.

school using CRM for admissions

Convert more leads and increase your revenue with EduCloud!

EduCloud’s enquiry management system provides you with an effective way to manage all your enquiries in one location.
enquiry CRM dashboard in EduCloud
integrating lead sources into EduCloud

Integrate your lead sources into EduCloud

Never miss out on any leads with EduCloud Enquiry CRM integrations. Bring enquiries from different marketing sources:

Your Website
Social Media
Use API to integrate with your sources
Use our enquiry form in your marketing campaigns
creating custom enquiry and admission form

Flexible Enquiry Form

Create a highly customizable enquiry form and use it across your marketing channels. Bring all your enquiries into EduCloud for outstanding enquiry management.

Move enquiries from one stage to another

A seamless solution to take your enquiries through your sales process.

Create enquiries on the go.
Assign counsellors.
Nurture leads and advance them into the next stages.
adding enquiry activities

Stay up to date with various enquiry activities

Increase your sales team’s efficiency and productivity.

Add different activities throughout your lead life cycle.
Manage your counsellors.
Reduced response time.
Improved turnaround time.
school closing lead

Never miss out on closing leads

Don’t just manage leads with us. Convert your enquiries into admissions with our built-in EduCloud Admissions module!

Bring your enquiries into our Admissions module for a seamless customer experience.

Ready to close more leads and grow your revenue with us?