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eduCloud Learning Management System and School LMS

A Learning Management System is a software used by companies and individuals to create, deliver, track and manage training material for their customers, students, employees and other stakeholders. The main objective of a LMS is to have a central system where the company can create and deliver content to their users. The users can use the same system to consume the content and progress with their learning. The company can then track the learning status of their students, customers or employees.

EduCloud LMS features

Ever since the pandemic, there has been a boom in online teaching and learning. There has been a multifold increase in the e-learning industry. Universities, colleges and institutes providing distance education courses need a Learning Management System more than ever. Corporates need a robust and end-to-end LMS to ensure that the training they provide to their employees is imparted efficiently. The primary use of a LMS is to manage the learning content, it can be videos, text, interactive content etc. The same system can be accessed by the users to learn the material provided and progress on their learning. Second use is to track the progress of your learners. It provides a platform to educators and corporations to provide training to their customers, students or employees.

Advantages of using a Learning Management System

Implementing an end-to-end LMS ensures a variety of benefits to any organization or individual. Enable remote learning: Companies and institutes can deliver content to users in any corner of the world. Efficient Tracking: Users can learn and update their learning status, providers can keep a track of their learning progress Manage content: A learning management system provides a means to manage your content, courses centrally. You can regularly update content and keep up with the changing times. Reduce training costs and increase scale: Having a LMS ensures that there is no need to provide live training to your users. They can just refer to the updated content.

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EduCloud Learning Management System Features

Course management: Manage your courses and deliverables centrally.
Certificate management: An ideal LMS should allow you to edit and customize your certificates and reports.
Content management: A LMS should allow you to add content of your choice, file formats. It should support interactive learning.
Content security: Every LMS should have content security to ensure confidentiality and uniqueness of your content.
Mobile learning: Every LMS should have smartphone apps and mobile compatibility for your learners to learn on the go.
Remote learning: An ideal LMS should support multiple languages, global payments, and mobile access to deploy real remote learning.

Why EduCloud Learning Management System?

EduCloud learning management system is the only solution in the market which comes with the capabilities of an ERP. EduCloud allows you to quickly create your courses and classes, and add content. Supports all types of file formats, youtube videos, private videos. EduCloud comes with Android and iOS apps, users can learn and progress on the go. Providers can manage their certifications and reports. EduCloud comes with an online assessment tool to assess the efficiency of your learning content. EduCloud's AI-based analytics makes it your favorite tool for online learning.

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