Syllabus Management System

Create and manage your own customized learning content, manage your school syllabus with EduCloud Syllabus Management Software

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All your content, in one place, available 24*7

Embrace the power of online learning. Create your own customized online course. Make learning accessible to all.
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Learning Models Supported

  • Complete online learning.
  • All content available on course enrollment.
  • Combination of online self-learning and mentor-based learning.
  • Dynamic course planning and adaptive course management.
  • Centralized syllabus repository for teachers and students.
  • Complete syllabus life cycle with AI-based access control.

Share syllabus and content with your students

Use our Syllabus Management System to share content with your students on the go.

Share YouTube videos.
Share private videos.
Attach notes, documents and PDFs.
Google Drive references.
Web references.

teacher creating syllabus on EduCloud
Step 1

Teacher creates Syllabus (Chapters and Topics)

Create an entirely customized syllabus index - chapters and topics as per your requirement.

Step 2

Create and manage Syllabus Content

Upload separate content for Teachers and Students.
Create chapter introduction and reference guides for teachers.
Content shared with Teachers is not visible to the students.
Share learning content automatically with students after the topic is covered with the click of a button.
teacher and student syllabus content on EduCloud

Learning Content at your fingertips with EduCloud School Syllabus System

Access content anytime, anywhere securely with EduCloud content security. Available across all major platforms (Web, iOS, Android). Share. Learn. Excel!

learning content on different devices
teacher planning academics
Step 3

Academic Planner

Do monthly planning of the topics that you want to teach.
Pick the topics from the syllabus and simply drop them in your desired month.
Add teaching comments.
Once your topic is taught, mark it as covered to share the content with students.
teacher tracking student's learning progress
Step 4

Students can access the syllabus

As your teaching progresses, students can access the covered syllabus and learn.

Step 5

Students can update their learning status

With the ‘learner’s tracker’ feature, students can indicate to a faculty whether they have understood a topic or not. Faculties can track student's progress with the ‘learner’s tracker’.

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