Academic Workload & Resource Planning

Define Subject hours and Teacher allocations.
Build your dynamic time slots and monitor workload with EduCloud's powerful analytics.

teachers planning resources and workload

What's the biggest problem with your resource utilization?
Managing Workload

Powerful and efficient tool to calculate workload.
Workload summary for remaining and overflow subject hours.
Manage allocated timetable efficiently.
Categorize workload into Class and Teachers.
Week workload summary to plan extra academic activities like events, seminars, visits, etc.

Workload Dashboard

Workload dashboard provides subject-wise workload summary where you can identify subjects with over allocation and under allocation. Check overflow of allotted timetable slots with respect to actual timetable slots.
workload dashboard in EduCloud
class workload analytics in EduCloud

Class Workload

Powerful and efficient tool to calculate workload.
Analyze workloads for different classes.
Remaining Hours and Remaining Percentage to help you to complete your subject teaching.
teacher workload analytics in EduCloud

Teacher Workload

Get detailed workload reports for your Teachers.
Organize, manage and remove time slots for individual subjects.
Identify the time slots where attendance has not been marked.

Weekly & All Teacher Workload Summary

Weekly Workload summary provides allocated time slots hours details. Get a list of all the time slots associated with the selected week for each faculty.

Compare allocation with other faculty members. Check resource availability per week. Get Teacher summary including work hours assigned and sessions conducted.
weekly teacher workload summary teacher workload summary
anomaly subject summary

Anomaly Subject Summary

Makes Decision Making easy.
Get ambiguity data of subjects.
Find mismatch between the number of timeslots and attendance taken.
Manage teacher workload like a Pro!