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EduCloud online Admission Management System is a centralized way for educational institutes to take their admission and enrollment process online. Partner with EduCloud and take your Admission Process completely Online.

Product Highlights

Customizable Admission Form.

Invite via WhatsApp and Email.

Send Email with custom email templates.

Make Calls to students.

Schedule Zoom / Gmeet virtual interviews.

Assign fees and check fee status.

Open / Purchase admission form.

Detailed admission reports.

sending admission form to parents

How to send Admission forms to Students and Parents?

Use our Admission form link in your marketing campaigns.
Send the Admission form link through WhatsApp.
Invite students and parents to fill the form through automated email at the click of a button.
Let students and parents purchase the admission form.
create a custom admission form

Dynamic Admission Form

Completely customizable.
Add new fields as necessary.
Make fields mandatory.
Accept documents that you require.
Accept photographs that you require.
Let students save the incomplete form with the Draft form feature.

EduCloud Online college Admission Management System Process

student fills admission form

Application Form

Use our industry-leading admission form to take vital information from your students.

Paperless admission process.
Completely customizable.
Use across your marketing channels.
Students / Parents can purchase the admission form.
student gives virtual interview

Schedule Virtual Interviews

Have a hassle-free interview scheduling process with our built-in virtual interview feature.

Shortlist and accept applications.
In-built Zoom and Google meet integration.
Clear/ Reject in interviews or put them on the waiting list.
Schedule multiple rounds of interviews.
student pays fees online

Assign Fees

Keep your accounts team in the loop too! Improve their efficiency with EduCloud Admission Management System.

Inbuilt integration with Fees Module.
Assign fees and accept fees completely online with online payment integrations.
Check fee status.
student admission is confirmed

Confirm Admissions

Have a seamless end-to-end customer experience with EduCloud Admission Management System.

Confirm pending fees clearance.
Send custom communication to confirmed prospects through custom WhatsApp and email templates.
the student is added to the class

Add Students Into Class

Add students to their respective classes and start their academic journey with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Admission Management System?

A School Admission Management System software is a software used to manage the end-to-end admissions of an educational institute.
A complete admission management system software helps educators and management to take applications online, accept payments online, process entrire admission stage online and complete the admission process.

2. What are the advantages of using an admission management system software?

An end-to-end admission management system helps the educational institute to save huge amount of time wasted on manual tasks. It helps to improve the efficiency of the admission team, reduce the time required to complete admission process for an applicant, streamline and improve the number of admissions.

3. What are the features of an admission management system?

A complete college admission management system should have features like online customizable forms, purchasable forms, payment gateway integration, online assesment and interview process, quick emails and messaging, enquiry management.

4. What are the features of EduCloud Admission Management System?

EduCloud online admisison management system has best in class features such as paid forms, payment gateway integration, online interviews, enquiry management, custom form and analytics.

5. What is the cost of EduCloud Admission management system software?

There are many school admission management system providers in the market, but none of them are as affordable as EduCloud. EduCloud is the only school management system that has a free plan. The prices are affordable and increase with your scale.

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