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teachers analyzing data for decision making

Embrace the power of Data

Collecting useful information and manually analyzing it is difficult. Use EduCloud's advanced AI-based analytics and reporting to get actionable insights. Use informative dashboards to get meaningful information that helps you to make the right decisions.
Educloud AI academic analytics dashboard
monitor student progress to take the right actions

Insights + Actions = Student Success

Get students insights to take necessary actions and ensure that your students excel! EduCloud provides analytics and reports to monitor your students and their course progress.

Active students (Class-wise, course-wise)
Students with missing information
Gender wise report
Class wise coverage
tracking student performance in real-time

Student Performance Analytics

Using real-time information, track how your students are performing in their assessments, exams & assignments. Monitor their attendance statistics to take corrective measures.

Exam Performance Analytics
Attendance Analytics
Assignment Performance Analytics

Track how students are engaging, what works and what should be improved? Identify students who are at risk, notify their parents.

tracking teacher performance

Monitor Teacher Performance

Track how your teachers are engaging with students on EduCloud. Get metrics that help you understand their academic involvement, teaching performance, and overall EduCloud Adoption.

Syllabus planned, covered
Learning content shared
Exams taken, evaluated, results published
Attendance taken
Assignments given, evaluated
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