Academic Agile Sprint Planning

Plan your monthly, weekly, daily academics with ease on EduCloud.

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Track how many topics are taught, remaining, and repeated with our AI-based Syllabus Coverage Analytics.

Academic Planning made easy

Just drag your topic from the Syllabus and drop it in the month where you want to teach it!

how academic planning is done on EduCloud?
planning monthly academics on EduCloud LMS

Plan Monthly Academics

Plan in advance what topic you are going to teach in which month.
Check planned hours with respect to timetable hours.
Add teaching notes, mark a topic as covered, or skip a topic.
academic planning summary on EduCloud

Planning Summary

Get to know which topics are planned and covered.
Get month-wise detailed analytics for every class.
Get the percentage of planned and covered topics.
subject coverage analytics on EduCloud LMS

Subject Coverage

Interactive and informative dashboard to answer all your questions.

What is the Syllabus status?
How many topics are covered?
How many extra topics are covered?
How many teaching hours are utilized?
class coverage analytics on EduCloud

Class Coverage

Know Over performing subject Vs Under performing subject.

What is the current state of my course?
Which subject is running ahead of Schedule?
Which subject has taken up more time than expected?
Which subject is running without planning?

Timetable Coverage

Visualize Subject Hours VS Time Table Hours VS Planned Hours.
timetable coverage analytics on EduCloud
Ready to revolutionize academic planning in your institute?