Assignment Management System

An innovative digital solution for day to day assignment problems with EduCloud homework management software

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Your Problems

How to communicate Assignment details & submission dates? How to share reference URLs, documents & video links with students? How to follow-up with students who have not submitted assignments? How to manage Assignment Submission with different file types? How to access submissions, review and provide evaluation marks? Where to manage submission files and storage?

Our Solution

Publish Assignment with Submission Date & other details at the click of a button. Share URLs, Documents, Video Links with real-time email & mobile app access to students. Send reminder mails and notifications to students for assignment submission. Students can submit Documents, PDFs, Presentations, URLs from web or app. Faculty can review submissions and submit evaluation marks in one location. Unlimited storage and organized central access for years.
EduCloud assignment management system

Assignment Dashboard

A simple and clean calendar dashboard to create and reschedule assignments easily. Just drag and drop your assignments on your desired date.

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Create an Assignment

Adding an assignment was never so easy. Simply select your class, subject, deadline and you are good to go!

Add web references.
Realtime automatic notification to students.

Create Assignment with your Gdrive Template

Just select a template in your Gdrive.
A copy of the template will be automatically assigned to each student.
Students can fill their data in the template and submit.

Create Assignment with Google file types

Create Google docs, drawings, sheets, slides assignments.
A blank file will be automatically assigned to each student.
Students can fill their data and submit.

Assignment on your mobile

Create assignments and manage submissions on your fingertips.
Create Assignments on app (Android & iOS).
Upload your submissions.
Track deadlines.
Real-time communication and group discussions.
Download and evaluate submissions.
create assignment on the school ERP mobile app manage assignment submission on the school ERP mobile app
manage assignment submission on EduCLoud college LMS

Manage Submissions

Eliminate communication gaps with our seamless assignment submission.

Students can submit Documents, URLs, Video links, Photos through web or app.
Faculties can review the submission and give their feedback.
Communicate directly with the student through the app.
Download files submitted by the students, review and give your comments and marks.
review assignment submission online on EduCloud

Review Submissions

Don't just give assignments and take submissions, review the work submitted by your students - in the app itself!

Highlight student mistakes.
Give comments.
Draw over the PDF file / image.
Use web / app to review assignments.
Ready to handle your assignments like a breeze?