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Best School Management System software, School ERP for your educational institute - EduCloud

EduCloud School Management System

What is a School Management System?

An online School Management System is a software that enables an educational institute to carry out its everyday operations online, from any corner of the world. An ideal school management system or school ERP should enable not only the school administration but also the students and parents to perform their activities online.

EduCloud School Management System Software is a SaaS (Cloud) based software designed and developed with inputs from industry leaders in the education sector. EduCloud is the only school ERP and Learning Management System that comes with modules that can take your entire school/ college operations online in no time.

Benefits of using EduCloud School ERP System

EduCloud School ERP system gives any school, college, or educational institute a host of tangible and intangible benefits. By implementing a School Management System like EduCloud, an institute can establish end to end processes in every department.

  • Increased Productivity: With the use of EduCloud, a school is able to drastically reduce the time spent on manual tasks. As all of the tasks require less time than usual, educators are able to utilize their time in a better way. All of this results in increased productivity in the institute.

  • Optimum Resource Utilization: With the help of EduCloud, an educational institute is able to keep a track of their resource utilization. They can identify opportunities to improve their utilization and improve the efficiency and the way resources are consumed in their institute.

  • Analytics and reporting: EduCloud provides a school or college with AI based analytics and reports that help the management in decision making. EduCloud provides data based advanced analytics that ensure the management can take the right decision every time.

  • Ready for the future: With the help of EduCloud, educators can become tech savvy, they can make their students ready for the future with exposure to technology on a day to day basis.

  • Stay ahead of the competition: Every educational institute is using some or the other software or tool to manage their daily activities. Other products don't come with features that come with EduCloud. Common tools and products used by other educational institutes do not compare with EduCloud. Using EduCloud helps an institute to stay ahead of their competitors.

EduCloud School Management System Features

EduCloud comes with all of the features that any educational institute can ever need. Here are some of the modules/ features which provide maximum value to an educational institute.

  • Enquiry and Admissions: Collect enquiries and leads in EduCloud. Manage paid admission forms, complex admission process with EduCloud. Take your institute admissions completely online. With EduCloud School Management System you can manage admissions, admission documents, custom admission forms, online or in person interviews, admission fees and much more.

  • Assignments and homework: With EduCloud you can give assignments through your portal or app. Give homeworks with different submission formats. Take submissions online via your portal or app. Review submissions, give notes and remarks. Manage homework deadlines and class discussions.

  • Report Management System: You can create custom student academic reports with EduCloud School ERP System. Use our preset collection of report card templates or edit and customize as per your liking. Create custom certificates, ID cards with EduCloud Report Card generator. EduCloud report cards, certificates, leaving certificates, ID cards come with a unique QR code. The QR code can be scanned from any corner of the world anytime to verify the document.

  • Timetables: Create complex timetables without any hassle with EduCloud School Management System. Forget conflict and clash worries with automatic conflict detection. Manage teacher proxies like a pro. Manage teacher working hours and workload.

  • Exam and results: Manage your exams and results on EduCloud School Management system. Create exams and manage marks. Create online exams with question banks and automatic marking and grading. Manage results and share detailed results with parents at the click of a button. Educators and parents can compare student performance and take necessary actions.

  • Attendance: Take attendance through your portal of EduCloud app. Now you can take offline attendance on your smartphone even without the internet. Get detailed attendance reports and analytics only on EduCloud School management software. Share attendance and absence details with parents in a single click.

  • Communication: Create announcements, events, circulars, notices with EduCloud School Management System. Create groups, send emails through EduCloud auto email system. Send app notifications to students and parents. Manage communication efficiently and ensure that your communication reaches your audience in time.

  • Fee management: Create complex fee structures, fee templates. Collect fees online with payment gateway integration. Issue receipt to students and parents via your portal. Manage late fees, discounts and installments. Ensure your students never get late with automated fee reminders. Get detailed fee collection reports and analytics.

EduCloud School Management Mobile App

EduCloud mobile app

EduCloud comes with state of the art mobile apps for Android and iOS. Your students are never away from you with the EduCloud School Management application. Carry out all your day to day operations from your smartphone. Take attendance, online classes, share learning material, accept fees, give homework.

Students can upload their homework, pay fees online, access learning material, check time tables, join online classes, get notices-circulars, and give online exams etc. Parents can get communication on their app. Parents can keep a track of their child's performance. Parents can track their child's daily commute in real time.

Why EduCloud is the ideal School ERP system for you?

EduCloud is the most easy to use and intuitive school management system. Advanced features such as AI based analytics and recommendations, fee reports, data export and imports, online admissions, data security, role based access control and a lot of customizations make EduCloud School Management System your go to choice for online education transformation.

EduCloud is the most feature loaded and value for money school management system for your Institute. EduCloud is the only school management system software that provides a free forever plan to educational institutes. EduCloud provides an affordable pricing plan for institutes of every size and need.