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Best Online Admission Management software for schools and educational institutes

EduCloud Admission

Ask any educational institute and they will agree that admissions or enrollments are the most critical function in any as almost all of the revenue comes through enrollments. Many educational institutes struggle to increase their admissions above a limit. They hit a plateau in their number of enrollments. The question remains what can the institutes do to improve their admission or enrollment rate? Implementing an end to end admission management system can be the right answer.

What is an online admission management system?

An online admission management system is a software designed to manage an institute's entire admission activity online. The admission management system is available on the internet. It can be accessed from any corner of the world. The system should allow its users to complete their admission process entirely online.

When an institute implements an online admission system, it allows the institute to accept admission forms from prospects online, validate the application form, update status, send mails, they can process the application through the system, the prospect can pay fees and confirm their admission process.

An admission management system is useful for schools, colleges, coaching centers, coaching classes, universities and private institutions. An ideal admission management system should be able to capture prospect enquiries, enable the administration to nurture the enquiries and pursue them actively, convert them into admission applications.

Why to use an Admission Management System?

An educational institute should think of implementing a admission management system if,

  • There is a decline in the admission rate.
  • There are low number of enquiries.
  • It is taking longer to convert an enquiry to confirmed admission.
  • There is a gap in the number of enquiries and closed admissions.
  • The administration is using excel sheets to maintain data leading to inefficient management.

Benefits of using EduCloud Admission Management System

Using a well designed admission management system helps to gain a host of benefits. Procuring a system alone will not give any benefit, using the system to its fullest will give the benefits.

1. Improved enquiry conversion: the administration is able to convert more of the enquiries into confirmed admissions. With the help of an admission system, they can easily and efficiently create enquiries, do regular follow up, make phone calls, send mails and thereby have better success rate in converting the enquiry.

2. Minimum data leakage: if the institute is using excel sheets to manage their leads and activities, they are bound to lose on a lot of enquiries due to data leakage and inefficiency. Using an admission management system will help to prevent data leakage and keep everything transparent.

3. Improved turnaround time: By implementing an admission management system, institutes can drastically reduce the time required to convert an enquiry or lead into confirmed admission.

4. Integrate enquiries and leads sources: An institute uses multiple sources to acquire their leads and enquiries. By using an admission system, they can bring all of their leads from various sources into a single platform.

5. All data in one place: An institute can have all of their enquiries, leads, admission forms etc at a single location which will increase their efficiency and response time.

6. Customize process: With the use of an admission management system, one can customize the system to accommodate their complex admission process.

7. Online payments: An institute can take online payments from students and parents, improving their rate of admission, chances of confirming the admission and reducing the time required to make payments.

8. Analytics and reporting: By using an online admission system, the institute administration can get detailed analytics and reports from time to time. This data will help them to understand how the admissions team is performing, what are the opportunities for improvement? The reports will help in critical decision making.

9. Improved admission rate: With improvement in the admission team's efficiency, improved response time, on time follow up, payments, no data leakage, an institute can dramatically improve their admission rate and revenue.

10. Keep ahead of competition: Many institutes are using some or the other online admission management system, CRM tool to improve their admission process. It is critical that every institute uses a system to manage their admissions and stay ahead of their competition.

EduCloud Admission

Points to consider while choosing an admission management system

Integration with other tools and lead sources-An ideal admission management system should have integrations with most widely used lead sources and tools.

Sending custom emails and messages-The system should allow the admission team to send out custom emails and messages to prospects and applicants. It should have an inbuilt system to send messages to prospects on the go.

Online payment integration-To take online payments from prospects and applicants, the system should have integrations with online payment gateways. The admission team should easily add the prices and the applicant should be able to pay it.

Custom admission flows-An admission management should allow institutes to translate their complex admission process in the system. It should allow the team to create automated custom workflows.

Cloud based-An admission management system should be available on the cloud. It will help to take applications from any corner of the world. The system should be accessible from anywhere, anytime without any downtime.

Features of EduCloud Admission Management System

  • Complete CRM: EduCloud comes with a built in CRM to manage all enquiries and convert them into admissions.
  • Custom communication: You can send custom messages and mail to enquiries and applicants at the click of a button. Create templates and save for future use.
  • Custom forms: You can customize the forms as you like. Create prepaid admissions forms.
  • Online payments: Integrate your account with payment gateway to enable online payments.
  • Integrations: Connect EduCloud with your lead sources to automatically create enquiries in EduCloud.

Head on to EduCloud to transform your admission management!