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Revolutionize your institute's academics and management with best School ERP and LMS Solution.

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Student Report Card Generator

Create amazing report cards in minutes with our industry leading Report Card Generator.
Wide variety of fully customizable report formats to choose from!

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tickmark Wide variety of Report cards and Certificates.
tickmark 3 Step report generation process.
tickmark Just upload excel file and generate custom reports.
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EduCloud School Management System Features

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Take paperless attendance on mobile app.

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Manage Complex timetables and schedules.

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Exams & Results

Take exams online with advanced result analytics.

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Student Report Card

Automatic custom report card generation.

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Manage subjects easily.

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Lesson Plan

Create daily lesson plans on app.

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Create and maintain complex syllabus structures.

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Academic Planner

Plan your academics with ease.

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Give assignment and take submissions through app.

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GPS based commute tracking without hardware.

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Leave Management

Manage student and staff leaves like a breeze.

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Create and manage custom admission process.

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Fee Counter

Manage your fees and collections through app.

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Payment Gateway

Industry leading integrations to accept payments online.

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Self and 360 degree Appraisal System.

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Create & Publish announcements on the go with your audience.

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Create events, meetings and get real time notifications.

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Create and manage holidays for students and staff.

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Create and manage groups within your stakeholders.

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Health Records

Manage students health records easily.

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Stay connected with latest news, circulars and events.

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Enquiry CRM

Manage and convert enquiries into admissions easily.

Why EduCloud School Management System is the ideal solution for you?

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Process based Paperless Day to Day Academics

tickmark Manage your daily activities completely digitally
tickmark Establish robust and efficient processes at your institute
tickmark Suitable for Offline, Online and Hybrid teaching
tickmark Conduct Online Exams, Practice Exams with advanced AI analytics

Boosted productivity with Teacher Planning Tool

tickmark Plan quickly and efficiently with Agile Academic Planning Tool
tickmark Achieve high productivity with Monthly Academic Planner and Daily Lesson Planner
tickmark Set Academic Targets and achieve them successfully with correct planning
teacher managing learning content on learning management system

Advanced Workload and Resource Planning

tickmark Increase Teacher output and reduce overuse of resources with AI based Teacher Workload Management
tickmark Track and maximize resource utilisation with AI based analytics

Stand out with amazing Content Management

tickmark Manage your own customised content with our centralized Content Management System
tickmark Create, maintain and deliver content to the right audience
tickmark All file formats supported, leverage third party integrations to have seamless experience
teacher manages admission online through school erp

AI Based Recommendations

tickmark Our AI based analytics and recommendations helps Teachers, Principals and Management take the right decisions
tickmark Get detailed analytics about Student performance, Attendance, Teacher performance, Assignments, Syllabus Coverage, Fees pending and collected

Paperless Admission and CRM

tickmark Create digital admission process with custom admission forms, third party integrations and analytics
tickmark Improve your enquiry turn around time, manage your enquiries and leads in a centralized CRM

Carry your Institute with you, School management system at your fingertips!

tickmark Learn on the Go! Conduct and join live classes
tickmark Take offline Attendance
tickmark AI Based Reminders for pending tasks
tickmark Give Assignments, Submit Assignments
tickmark Get Real time notifications
tickmark Create Exams, appear for Exams
tickmark Get Exam Results and Analytics
tickmark Access Syllabus and Learning Content

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a School Management System?

A School Management System is a centralized software designed to manage student information and academics. A school ERP system software is used by schools, colleges and educational institutes.
An ideal School Management System should enable educational institutes to execute all of their activities like admissions, attendance, exams, results, announcements, fees etc. A school ERP system gives a central system to teachers, school management, parents, students and educators for their day-to-day activities which leads to improved efficiency and optimum resource utilization.

2. What are the benefits of using a School ERP system?

A School ERP system provides a host of advantages to any educational institute. The efficiency of teachers, students improves with fast, simple and seamless execution of their tasks.
Centralized data storage, data security, Improved resource utilization, increased ROI, reduced response time, increase in student output, and customer satisfaction are some of the benefits of using a School ERP software. These benefits from a School ERP software ensures that a school gets a competitive edge over their competitors.

3. What features should a School ERP software deliver??

An ideal school ERP / school management system should have features like online assignment management, student attendance management, online exam and result management, report card generation, announcements, school communication management, student information management, student document management, classroom management, online admissions, school enquiry management, school infrastructure management, school transport management, customizations, detailed AI-based analytics and smartphone apps.

4. What are the features provided by EduCloud School ERP system?

EduCloud School ERP software provides best in class features such as student information management, student document management, classroom management, online exam and result management, online admissions, school enquiry management, school infrastructure management, online assignment management, student attendance management, report card generation, announcements, school communication management, school transport management, customizations, detailed AI-based analytics and smartphone apps.

5. How much does a School ERP system cost? How much does EduCloud cost?

A full scale School ERP and school management system can cost a lot. This can be a hurdle to small and medium scale as they dont have that much budget. There are many cheap school ERP providers in the market but they don’t have that many features and the support provided is unsatisfactory. EduCloud school ERP system is the only school ERP software on the market which is available for FREE. The plans start as low as 500 INR per month and increase with the scale of the institute. EduCloud has a plan for educational institute of every size.

Take the leap towards cloud with EduCloud School Management System and transform your institute management.
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