Mary, Report Consultant
4 min read

7 useful tips to create report cards that will save your time!

report card tips

Creating report cards can be a challenging task for teachers and educators because of the sheer number of activities carried out to make a print ready report card. The task can be even more daunting when the scale i.e. number of students increases. There are some ways with which teachers can make this task less complex for them.

Lets see some of the tips that will help you organize and save precious time.

    1. Finalize your report template
      The first step is to select a report template. While selecting a report template, there are many things to consider like headers, footers, colors used etc. Decide what kind of headers and footers you want in your report? What kind of student details are shown? What kind of exams, assignments, tasks are included? What skills are included? If it is a single term or two term report?
    2. Keep your data organized
      It is important to keep all of your data in an organized way. Having the data ready in an accessible place when you need reduces the time wasted on data collection. Report data can be a list of students, marks obtained, student photos etc. If you use a Report management system like EduCloud, you don't have to worry about managing and maintaining data.
    3. Finalize your formulas, gradings, data formats etc.
      It is critical that teachers do not have any confusion between them with respect to the formulas used, calculation methods used for final marks and grades. To forget about the formulas and calculation worries use a Report Management System like EduCloud that has automatic calculations.
    4. Create a comment bank
      Teachers should have a central place where they keep all varieties of comments and remarks to be included in the report. The central repository should have remarks and feedback for every grade and category such as positive, average, negative, needs improvement etc. You can use EduCloud to select comments from comment bank and save your own.
    5. Create a list of assignment
      Teachers should keep the list of assignments ready to be included in the report well before the data preparation process starts. This will ensure that you can get the assignments and details when you need it.
    6. Skills
      You should have all of the skills and assessments which are to be included in the report well before the data entry happens. Skills and their actual results, comments should be kept ready for use.
    7. Exams
      Teachers and educators should have the exams and their marks ready before they are used in the report card. With the help of EduCloud, there is no need to worry about exams, marks and skills as all of the components are automatic and customized.