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How to create school and college student report cards online?

create report card online

Why are report cards important for a school or college?

A student report card is the best way to communicate the student's progress, statistics and teacher concerns to parents. A report card acts as an official document which gives the student's performance statistics at a glance. By reading a report card one can understand a lot of things about the student such as their interests, likes, dislikes, inclination and much more. Therefore a well designed report card is of utmost importance for any educational institute.

Creating report cards for students can be a daunting task for teachers. There are numerous challenges faced by teachers and educators while creating report cards. The format used in the report card makes all the difference. Choosing a format that communicates the right amount of information to the parents is important. Most of the student report card formats available on the internet are very complex, they make things even more difficult for educators and parents.

Many times the teachers have a hard time doing all the manual work as a prerequisite for the reports. The huge amount of manual calculations and data entry are time consuming and tedious. Long and mundane student report card formats do not communicate the information in the right way. Parents find it hard to make any meaningful information out of the data presented in the report card. Such report formats lack elements that can portray information at a glance and parents are deprived of getting meaningful insights.

How to create report cards that are informative, concise and attractive?

A perfect report card should not be too long and dumped with data. An ideal report card should have elements that are easy to read. Meaningful insights should be easily inferred from a report card. A report card should have the common student details such as personal, class details. Along with usual school or college information, student marks, a student report card should have graphical elements such as graphs and charts.

Educators should include graphs, pie charts, line charts to effectively communicate data that matters to parents. Graphs can be used to show student progress over time. Comparison with the class average, toppers. Charts can be used to display distribution of marks over subjects. Bars and charts can be used to indicate the level achieved, level of interest in a particular subject or activity. A report card should include detailed teacher comments or remarks for subjects and activities which can put teacher feedback into words.

How to use EduCloud Reports?

EduCloud has created a wide variety of student report card templates which can be used by schools, colleges, educational institutes for all grades.

    1. Visit EduCloud:
    Open EduCloud report store and browse through the report templates. You can filter the report templates using the preset filters given on the left panel.
    2. Choose a Report template:
    Open a report that fits your requirements, check the report features and click on Subscribe. Choose any plan and sign up.
    3. Log in to EduCloud and create report cards:
    You will see your subscribed report template. Now you can customize the report and create report cards using EduCloud LMS or from excel file. You can publish the report, download report card PDFs for every student. You can send the report directly to the student.

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Features of EduCloud reports

EduCloud report card system comes with a host of first in class features. The report templates are customizable. You can customize your logos, address, names, student details, student marks, attendance details, teacher comments, grading systems, colors and themes. Every report has multiple widget styles.

You can add your digital signatures to your student report cards in a single click. If you are using the EduCloud School management system, just select the name of the employee, and the signature of the employee will be added automatically.

Every report from EduCloud School management system is included with a unique QR code. The QR code can be scanned to verify the report instantly. Every student report has a unique QR code specific to the student. The QR code can be scanned with a smartphone to check the details of the report. This way you can fight tampered report cards.

Make a report card that stands out

Every school is unique and every school should have a distinct report card template or design that is in line with their branding and colors. With our wide variety of reports for every grade and format, you can create student report cards that are informative, attractive and include next generation features such as QR code security. Choose the EduCloud School management system and stay ahead of your competition.

Head on to EduCloud reports to create student report cards that are informative and future ready!